Configure SMTP sending in WordPress, with “Post SMTP

Another plugin for sending mail in WordPress, which I personally like better than “WP Mail SMTP”.

By default, WordPress sends the simple “mail” function for sending emails. Depending on the server configuration, this works from not at all to well. Spam filters, which tend to view such e-mails with suspicion, are often problematic. The alternative is to send them via SMTP. WordPress cannot do this with board means and requires a plugin. After looking at “WP Mail SMTP”, I was a bit disappointed by the functionality of the free version. So I looked for an alternative to WP Mail SMTP.

The alternative is called “Post SMTP” (manufacturer). Here, too, the manufacturer operates a freemium model and offers the basic version free of charge. More functions are available for cash. However, the free version already offers significantly more functions.

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Setting up “Post SMTP” is easy. Enter the access data for the SMTP server in the configuration and you’re done. In addition to SMTP, special providers such as SendGrid, Mandrill, MailGun and others are also supported. There is a setup wizard for the first setup.

You can choose to send messages via “phpMailer” or via your own library. If the test message is sent successfully, the plug-in is already set up. In addition to the main account, a fallback can also be set up. I liked the fact that the logging is also included in the free version. This means I can see which emails have been sent to whom and whether the sending is working properly.


Until further notice, the plugin is my first choice for sending via SMTP in WordPress.

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