WordPress: Sending mail with SMTP with WP Mail SMTP

How do I change the mail dispatch from WordPress to SMTP dispatch?

By default, WordPress sends mail via the “mail” function of PHP. In this case, the mail is usually sent via the server itself. This can lead to problems when sending the mail, e.g. if the target server marks the mail as spam.

In many cases, it is better to send the mail via SMTP, as it is also done via your own mail programme. There are various plug-ins that address this issue. In this article we will take a look at “WP Mail SMTP“.


The plugin can be installed via the plugin page in WordPress. Besides SMTP, special service providers like MailGun, Sendgrid and others are supported. As a bonus, the plugin also installs the “WpForms” plugin for creating forms. A bit overkill, but OK.

The provider follows the popular freemium model. The basic functions are free, extended functions cost money. These include, for example, the logging of the mail dispatch.

Set up plugin

The setup itself is easy to do. We specify the mail provider, in our case SMTP, and enter the access data.

Encrypted sending is supported, as is authentication.

Afterwards we can send a test email. If everything has worked, it will land in our inbox.


The plugin does what it is supposed to do. It is set up quickly. The installation of the form plugin is negative. We would also have liked some functions to be activated in the free version, such as the logging of e-mails sent. The paid version starts at 50 dollars a year. If you run several websites, you have to pay more.

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