Piwigo: Deprecated error messages after the update

Error messages after updating PHP to 8.2.

Every PHP update has its pitfalls. Will the application still run? Are there any error messages?

In our case, there are at Piwigo. After updating to the new PHP version, a lot of error messages were issued. The developer forums state succinctly that the problem has already been fixed and that you should download the new beta version.

Now, not everyone wants to install a beta version, but at least it’s good to know that a future version will address this.

The short-term solution is to deactivate the messages. These are only hints. To do this, we open the file “config_default.inc.php”.

Here we find the line:

Here we set the value to “false”. This will make the errors disappear for now. Let’s hope for an update soon.

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