Secure surfing with VPN so hackers don’t stand a chance

Imagine you are strolling through a museum and there is an invisible security guard at your side. All your steps are being followed closely. You write an e-mail, look for a nice café for a later date with friends. Your privacy remains protected because the invisible guard is located directly on your mobile phone in the form of a VPN. But how does the Virtual Private Network protect you from the dark forces of the Internet? How does it keep hackers out and ensure that data is not disclosed to third parties? We have summarised the answers here.

The high-security wing for data where it can’t get out

Providers such as ensure greater security on the internet. If you imagine the Internet as a big city, it is easier to understand how VPNs work. Information circulates everywhere in this city and is highly coveted by third parties (hackers). A VPN takes on the task of pulling a protective cover over the data and thus preventing it from being seen from the outside. So you’re driving through this dangerous city full of crooks and criminals, but you’re in a protected car with tinted windows. You can see everything outside, but nobody can get in to see you inside.

Incognito on the net – no browser needed

When it comes to anonymity when surfing, there is a clear misunderstanding. It is often claimed that only incognito mode in the browser is the ultimate solution. Wrong! This only prevents cookies and histories from being saved on your PC. A VPN goes far beyond this and masks the IP address, which allows conclusions to be drawn about the user. This is comparable to Harry Potter’s invisibility cloak. Under this cloak, the user remains anonymous, making it almost impossible for hackers to track activities and collect personal data.

Public Wi-Fi networks the playground for hackers

Airports, cafés and other public spaces often offer free Wi-Fi. Although this is practical, it also harbours many dangers. These networks are almost always unsecured and therefore a real playground for hackers. A VPN is helpful in such scenarios, as it ensures that all activities on the network are securely encrypted. Even if it’s not about online banking, it’s a good feeling to know that your email to your boss won’t be read by a cyber crook.

Geo-blocking is so 2000s with the VPN there are no limits

Last but not least, the VPN also gives you access to the internet of others. Netflix series from other countries are suddenly available and YouTube never again displays the message that the content is not available in your own country. The VPN proves to be a fast and, above all, efficient means of travelling. Within seconds, it is possible to change your virtual location from Germany to the USA or make a quick stopover in China. As a result, digital borders are overcome effortlessly and the Internet is available for use in all its beauty. So get out your packet of popcorn and enjoy the latest episodes of your USA TV series as if you were there.

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